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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why should I consider utilizing Dr. Quamar's services?
Most patients are thrilled to be able to have their procedures done in "their" dental office, as opposed to going someplace unfamiliar.  Additionally, your office will experience higher profitability by keeping approximately 50% of the production "in house."

What is my liability, and how does it affect my malpractice coverage?
As long as you do not directly treat the patient, your liability would be the same as if you referred the patient to another office or dentist.  You may want to call your malpractice insurance company or check with your malpractice attorney to verify.  I have spoken to several companies, and they have all compared it very closely to any other type of referral.

What if the patient wants to know if I am a periodontist?
The answer is, “Yes, Dr. Quamar is a specialist in both periodontics and in implantology.  He is currently providing these services for dentists in the Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.  Additionally, he is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists."

How do I report payments to me to the Internal Revenue Service?
You would submit a Form 1099 and deduct payments to me from your gross collections.